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Our Products
Hot Water Generator ECO HOT Series
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Heat Transfer Equipment

        5. Heat recovery units

Custom built economizer can be offered from exhaust flue gases generated by diesel engines, furnaces, boilers and other fired units to meet customer’s specific requirement. Innovative energy efficient systems like thermosyphon, flash steam generator, evaporator & super heater can be designed to replace existing traditional systems.

        6. Heat EXCHANGER

The VJHEATEX heat exchanger is the answer to all your in-line heating problems where your process simply needs to flow a little more readily. It allows you a little floor space due to effective heat transfer and efficient process design.

        7. Softeners
  VJ - SOFT provides every kind of application from hotels, resorts, hospitals to industries
Cooling and Cracking Towers
Condenses / Chillers
Water and Steam Boilers / Tubes
Heat excle
Water Heaters
Salt build-up & Corrosion

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