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Hot Water Generator ECO HOT Series
        8. Solid Fuel Fired Units
The Future Of Flame! Corn and Wood Pellet


  Wood Pellet Fuel is a biomass fuel manufactured from ground wood, waste wood, bark, and other combustibles which is pressed through dies at very high pressure. Wood Pellets can be purchased in bulk or in bags. The energy content of pellets is more constant, than corn because of lower moisture content (4 -8%).As a rough approximation, 17.5lbs of wood pellets provide the same amount of heat as a gallon of heating oil. With these characteristics, wood pellets burn very efficiency. They are also very easy and safe to transport and store. Wood pellets have an average net Btu rating of 8,200 Btu/lb.
Corn is a fuel that is widely available in many parts of the country and can be used in the Multi-Heat boiler. Corn can be purchased in bulk or by the bushel (56 lb bags).

The energy of content of corn is not constant, but approximately 20 lbs of corn is equal to a gallon of fuel oil. On average, the energy content of corn is between 8,000 to 8,500 Btu/lb of dry matter. One Btu (British Thermal Unit) is the amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. To get the net dry Btu rating on corn one needs to factor in the moisture content. Average moisture content for corn is 12-15%. This gives corn an average BTU rating of 6,800 Btu/lb.

        9. Annual maintenance contracts

Boilers and furnaces should have their combustion chamber/ heat exchanger cleaned yearly. All heating systems need to be cleaned and inspected. Doing this on an annual basis we can save your THOUSANDS of Rupees down the road. Other important yearly services needed include Nozzle and Fuel Oil Filter change.

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